Acquisition of Alkion Terminals by Koole Terminals

Together toward European market leadership

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Today, Alkion Terminals and Koole Terminals are officially one group, working together toward a more sustainable future.

Zaandam, November 17, 2022 – With 20 terminals in seven countries, 900 employees and a total capacity of 5.3 million cubic meters, Alkion Terminals and Koole Terminals have significantly increased their potential together. The new organization aspires to become the European market leader in innovative and integrated services for storage, processing, and logistics.

Larger scale, larger portfolio
“With this acquisition, we are joining forces,” John Kraakman, CEO of Koole Terminals, announced today. “Alkion and Koole are highly complementary, and our joint expertise now gives us the knowledge and skills to further develop and innovate our services in the storage market. Moreover, greater geographic reach creates new opportunities for our multi-terminal network customers. We can now work on a larger scale with a larger portfolio of products.”

Acceleration in green strategy
Merging the knowledge and expertise in both companies is in line with their joint sustainability strategy, which is to be at the forefront of the transition to more sustainable products. The synergy created from this combination enhances acceleration and capacity for providing integrated supply chain solutions for climate-friendly fuels, and thus facilitating the transition to a low-carbon future.

John Kraakman continued: “The acquisition of Alkion not only strengthens our position in the European market, but it also creates opportunities for all employees to grow personally and professionally.”

Successful and sustainable future
John Kraakman sees this moment as an important milestone in the growth strategy for both organizations: “It’s a new starting point that offers opportunities for a successful and sustainable future for all of us, and we are creating that future together, in which service to our customers is maintained to the highest possible standards for both quality and safety. That is a prerequisite. For the time being, the names Alkion Terminals and Koole Terminals will be kept.”



About Koole Terminals

Koole Terminals is a leading and independent storage, processing and logistics company, enabling growth through innovative and integrated services for liquid bulk. Supporting its world-class customers with their own sustainability strategies, Koole plays a role in the energy transition towards a more sustainable future. With 11 strategically located terminals in Europe and a total volume of 4.1 million cubic meters, Koole reflects the diversity of its customers’ needs. From transporting, storing, blending, and processing a wide range of products to striving for a lower carbon footprint through focused energy efficiency, all these solutions are always offered in a safe, reliable and sustainable manner.

About Alkion Terminals

Alkion Terminals offers advanced storage services for liquid bulk at nine terminals in France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and the Netherlands with a total volume of 1.2 million cubic meters. As an essential link in the global network, Alkion enables modern life to help customers operate seamless supply chains. While carefully and skillfully storing and handling large-volume liquids, Alkion strives for resource-efficient operations with lower emissions. To achieve this, the business researches and invests in storage solutions that accelerate the transition to a more sustainable world.

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Jasmijn Stolk – Manager of Corporate Communications

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