Fit for the Green Future

Astrid Buijssen-Van Dongen is director of digital transformation at Koole Terminals. Today, during the networking event ‘Fit for the Green Future’ in Zwolle, she makes an inspiring contribution to the discussion about competitive, innovative and emission-free logistics. In addition to her job at Koole Terminals, Astrid is chairman of the steering group Chains Top Sector Logistics. In this role, she is participating today in the panel discussion on the theme “Supply Chain Disruptions and International Cooperation”. In anticipation for the discussion, she states, “The world is changing rapidly, due to the energy transition and recent disruptions such as COVID-19 and the war in Ukraine. This is reason enough to work together with the business community, knowledgeable institutions, and the government to focus on the even better management of sustainable logistics chains.”

Astrid substantiates her vision with, “In today’s world, external factors disrupt the logistics chain faster than ever. Being lean is no longer enough. Working faster with each other through smart data exchange results in the creation of sustainable values at all links in the chain. The challenge is to exchange this data accurately and quickly with each other. By creating a data governance system together, vertical cross-connections in the collaboration arise and enormous synergy in insights results. Wanting to be a leader in sustainable logistics therefore means daring to look beyond your own data boundaries and adopting a new way of working and collaborating.”

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