We can achieve real change



We believe it is our responsibility to contribute to a better world. That is why we drive the energy transition forward in the safest, most sustainable way. With our clear mission, vision and strategy for sustainability, we have laid a strong foundation for implementing more sustainable business practices today and in the future. Koole is deeply committed to maintaining the high standards we set ourselves for a sustainable future.

Together we can achieve real change

“At Koole Terminals, we regularly scout the market for new opportunities and fulfill our responsibility to contribute to a sustainable society by supporting the transition to sustainable energy. Together we can achieve real change by building strong partnerships to support the energy transition. Energy transition should be the cornerstone of the strategy of any socially responsible organization. It results not only in better compliance and risk management but also in a new course of actions and opportunities for growth.”

John Kraakman, CEO of Koole Terminals



Our mission is to store, handle and transport oils, chemicals and other  products in the safest, most efficient and sustainable way that is practically possible. As a sustainable company, we take full ownership of everything we do.


We aim to be one of the leading sustainable terminal operators by implementing continuous improvement programs with a strong focus on innovation, safety and automation. We believe it is our responsibility to contribute to a sustainable society.


In pursuit of becoming one of the leading sustainable terminal operators, we offer bespoke solutions to support energy transition. We engage our employees and stakeholders to develop sustainable plans and achieve goals.

Green impact

The environment is important to Koole. That is why Koole measures the environmental performance of all its facilities, sets improvement targets, and presents the results to both the Management Board and the Supervisory Board. Koole monitors, among other things, the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), Nitrogen Oxide emissions (NOx), total energy consumption and the resulting Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions. Although not mandated under the European Trade Law, Koole measures all emissions generated at its terminals and sets ambitious goals to achieve better performance levels than the minimum requirements set forth in the law.

Social impact

Our people are our most valuable asset. For Koole this means fostering a sustainable work environment that promotes safety, well-being and close engagement with the community. The key priorities for Koole in terms of social impact are: safety, people, public relations and community. All subjects have a connection with people and involves different approaches to promoting a culture of sustainability and sustainable practices. Koole proactively pursues these priorities to ensure a lasting relationship with all stakeholders.

Governance, risk management and compliance

Governance, risk management and compliance can be defined as a set of guidelines, rules, and procedures that are designed to prevent, monitor and address conduct or practices that are inconsistent with our sustainable, legal, ethical and business standards. This includes mechanisms required to balance the sustainable prosperity and viability of the organization and the environment.

Projects & initiatives
Together we make an impact

Koole supports and organize sustainable projects and initiatives for our organization and the communities we live in. We constantly drive ourselves to be our best, we focus on safe, reliable, and sustainable solutions that enable us to make a collective impact!

Using insulation and solar panels to reduce CO2 emissions

Focused energy efficiency
Koole’s offices in Zaandam and Rotterdam will be run on green power. Part of our energy efficiency approach involves providing effective insulation for all our tanks and installing solar panels.

Powering our fleet by renewable energy

Focused energy efficiency
Conducting a study on powering Koole’s seagoing by renewable energy.

Driving the energy transition forward

Focused energy efficiency
Providing integrated Petrochemical Industrial Distillation Services for storage and processing of renewable products at Koole Tankstorage Botlek.

Upgrading our assets for low-carbon fuel

Focused energy efficiency
Upgraded existing and developed new infrastructure for low-carbon IMO-compliant fuels at Koole Tankstorage Minerals.

Reusing recovered oils as renewable biofuels

Driving the energy transition forward
Providing a total solution with strategic partner Quatra for the collection and recycling of washwater.

Developing biojet fuel processing plants

Driving the energy transition forward
Developing one of the largest biojet fuel processing plants at Koole Tankstorage Botlek.

Supporting bird shelter Karel Schot

Creating sustainable impact together
Maintaining support for birds covered in illegally dumped oil.

Supporting the Eendracht foundation

Creating social impact together
Maintaining support for vulnerable people by supporting the Eendracht foundation.

World Environment Day

Creating green impact together
At Koole, we celebrate this day by implementing environmental awareness campaigns every year.

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