Storage Spoofing

Koole Terminals is aware of the increasing importance of “cyber security” through which we protect our IT systems but also website against misuse, theft or waste. Storage Spoofing is an umbrella term to describe all varieties of the sale of non-existent storage capacities and stocks of resources and materials at the terminals in Rotterdam’s port area. The targets for this type of fraud are national and multinational companies that either operate or are looking for storage facilities in the port area, as well as all potential buyers of the goods stored at these terminals. These goods are offered under false pretences but turn out to be non-existent. If you have information regarding suspicious websites or organizations, we will be sure to verify your input and add the website to our blacklist if necessary.

FERM – Rotterdam Port of Cybersecurity Resilience strives to keep suspicious websites or organizations updated on a FERM blacklist. As an additional countermeasure in dealing with the threat of storage spoofing, there is a FERM whitelist set up of legitimate companies active in the industrial cluster of the Rotterdam Port Area as well as their official websites that are to us known to be legitimate.

FERM whitelist
FERM blacklist

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