As a large company involving many people, the management of health and safety is an important responsibility. To avoid any risk of accidents, Koole has introduced a culture where involvement and awareness lead to intrinsically safe ways of working. Health and safety management also applies, of course, to the products that Koole stores and delivers. The company ensures that the quality of all products under its responsibility is preserved. The same awareness and responsibility applies to its environmental management, which has led to improved operational methods and the more efficient use of resources.

Four responsibilities and a range of certifications

These four responsibilities are covered at Koole under the name HSEQ (Health, Safety, Environment & Quality). All levels of HSEQ are implemented with individual programmes. Koole is certified to ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 22000 and GMP+ (feed safety). All the programmes are fully up-to-date and implemented from the operational floor up to the boardroom. At environment and safety level, Koole’s terminals must comply with very strict regulations.


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