Maintaining outstanding culture


Maintaining an outstanding culture of safety

Koole maintains an outstanding culture of safety where engagement and awareness result in intrinsically safe work practices. To ensure that we continue to achieve this, we focus on creating an environment that encourages an outstanding culture of safety. We have introduced an approach to deliver on our promise of personal and process safety for our employees, our customers and other stakholders. It reflects our individual, team, and organizational approach to safety, health, and the environment.

Together we work to identify, eliminate, reduce and manage any safety and health risks associated with our activities. We believe that promoting a vibrant culture of safety and respect among all individuals involved in our activities is crucial to our company’s performance. Koole’s safety policy is an integral part of our sustainability policy. We see the upholding and continuous improvement of the safety standards as a fundamental part of our daily work.

Our approach to safety

Our goal is to engage in business practices that do not harm people, our communities and the environment. Safety always comes first. We ensure this by making our safety standards a part of leadership, conduct and innovation. We aim to create an exceptional culture of safety where we exceed the expectations we set for ourselves. We take the systematic prevention and elimination of risks very seriously and make it an essential part of managing safety, health and the environment at Koole. Our standards apply to all aspects of Koole’s activities, services, products, contractors, and any joint ventures where we have operational accountability.

Personal safety

We want to ensure that our people can operate safely before they start work and always return home in good health. Our Safety and Health Essentials represent our standards for personal safety and are therefore part of an ongoing approach to embed safety in our culture. The success of this approach depends primarily on our employees. We trust our employees to use their skills, training, and knowledge to maintain a safe, healthy and secure work environment.

The Safety and Health Essentials are put in placeto keep our people safe and to foster a culture of safety for everyone.

Process safety

Our process safety is a disciplined approach for managing the integrity of operating systems and processes that handle hazardous substances. It is designed to help identify significant process safety risks as well as existing management components and operational practices that fall under process safety management. Koole undertakes all necessary audits and evaluations to measure the progress made with respect to safety and health policies, and to ensure our compliance with said policies. In the event that a risk cannot be fully eliminated, Koole will employ the best practices available to reduce the risks to the extent possible. We are committed to learn from our daily work, near misses, and incidents. Authorities and inspection bodies regularly audit our operations.

Respecting the environment

Kool is committed to conducting business using practices that respect the environment and minimize our impact on it. To achieve this, we implement our sustainability policy through effective governance and compliance with all environmental regulations. We also place significant importance on the responsible use of energy and environmental awareness. Energy consumption is limited wherever possible by implementing effective measures and using smart systems. Every effort is made to reduce waste output. Furthermore, our people are trained to reduce wastewater, energy consumption and the use of chemicals.

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