Recognition as Designated Border Control

New developments at Koole Tankstorage Amsterdam

Koole Tankstorage Amsterdam recently received recognition as a Designated Border Control Post from the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (Nederlandse Voedsel en Warenautoriteit, NVWA). The veterinary border control is a key part of ensuring that a.o. animal by-products (handled by Koole Tankstorage Amsterdam) entering the European Union are safe and meet the appropriate import conditions.

Anton de Groot, Manager, Customs & Compliance, says: “This recognition puts Koole in a unique position. If you import animals or animal by-products, they must enter the EU through a designated and NVWA-approved border control post at the first port of call in the EU. This accreditation enables Koole Terminals to bring more speed and efficiency to the border processes, and to regulate a diverse product flow of animal by-products, for our customers.

Klaas Verburgt, Manager, HSEQ, adds: “The Border Control Post designation recognizes that Koole aims for the highest standards in the food and feed safety sector, in compliance with EU standards. And that is a great achievement, and green step forward by the Koole-team in Amsterdam. Together Driving Storage Forward.”

Photo: Discharging fish oil to shore tanks after veterinary check – location Koole Tankstorage Amsterdam

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