Rail Tank Car Center

11 apr Rail Tank Car Center

In January 2017, Koole received the first fuel oil block trains at its state of the art  Rail Tank Car Center (RTCC) at Koole Tankstorage Minerals.

The existing train yard was completely renewed and a new loading and discharge bay was constructed. The rail facility is currently used for discharge of rail tank cars with Fuel Oils. Going forward, Koole will start loading VGO. The shunting of wagons is done with our own locomotive.

For the future, there’s an option to double the capacity of the train yard as well as the loading and discharge bay. This will result in a situation that four block trains can facilitated simultaneously, whilst at the same time wagons can be loaded or unloaded. Furthermore, the diversity of products, which Koole is capable to handle at the RTCC will be broadened.