Opening Hours

Koole Tankstorage Pernis

Koole offices are closed on public holidays while Operations may be limited.

Please see table below for details. If you have any questions please call your contact at Koole.

Working daysWeekendsEaster MondayKingsdayAscension DayWhit MondayChristmasChristmasNew Year
april 10, 2023april 27, 2023may 18, 2023mei 29, 2023december 25, 2023december 26, 2023january 1, 2024
RTT/RTC*6 am – 11pm (last acceptance 8pm)Closed*Closed*Closed*Closed*Closed*Closed*Closed*Closed*
Barges/vesselsOpen (24/7)Open (24/7)OpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpen

* Train operations on these days only after consultation with the terminal management.

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