Opening Hours

Koole Tankstorage Gdynia

Koole offices are closed on public holidays while Operations may be limited.

Please see table below for details. If you have any questions please call your contact at Koole.

Working daysWeekendsChristmas DayBoxing DayNew YearEphiphanyEaster SundayEaster MondayLabour DayConstitution dayCorpus ChristiAssumption DayAll Saints’ DayChristmas DayBoxing DayNew Year
december 25, 2023december 26, 2023january 1, 2024january 6, 2024march 29, 2024april 1, 2024may 1, 2024may 3, 2024may 30, 2024august 15, 2024november 1, 2024december 25, 2024december 26, 2024january 1, 2025
RTT/RTC07.00 Am – 10.00 PmClosed*ClosedClosedClosedClosedClosedClosedClosed**Closed**ClosedClosedClosedClosedClosedClosed
VesselsOpen (24/7)Open (24/7)ClosedClosedClosedOpen (24/7)ClosedClosedOpen (24/7)Open (24/7)Open (24/7)Open (24/7)Open (24/7)ClosedClosedClosed

* Open at request from customers charged over time, weekends with contract.
** if there is a ship at that time, it is also possible to unload the RTC/RTT after consultation with the customer and acceptance of the overtime work.


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