Oil from ship wash water gets new life as biofuel

Koole Tank Storage Pernis and waste collector Quatra are investigating whether they can cooperate in the processing of wash water from seagoing vessels. To this end, the two leading service providers in the value chain of edible oils and fats recently signed a letter of intent. The two parties are looking at how they can collect and recycle the wash water so that the recovered oils get a new life as sustainable biofuels.  

Rotterdam, March 30, 2021- Seagoing vessels are required from January 1, 2020 to wash ballast tanks after unloading and loading and to deliver the wash water to a port reception facility before departure to prevent the invasion of exotics through ballast water. Koole Tankstorage Pernis and the Belgian waste collection company Quatra noticed fairly quickly a growing demand from shipping companies to find a sustainable and transparent solution for this.

Quatra Persistence
By joining forces, Koole and Quatra are investigating how they can better contribute to reducing CO2  emissions from shipping and providing innovative sustainability solutions in the value chain of edible oils and fats for customers.

In fact, the oil from wash water can be given a new life by a more optimal collection and recycling of shipping waste and the deployment of a production and storage method for renewable energy. This total solution fits seamlessly with the principles of the European Green Deal in the field of the circular economy. In the coming period, the possible cooperation under the name Quatra Persistence will be further elaborated.

For questions, please contact:
Quatra Persistence
Tel: +32 9 336 1 336

About Koole Terminals and Quatra
Koole Terminals is the market leader in sustainable and integrated storage and logistics solutions. The Belgian company Quatra is the market leader in the collection and processing of vegetable waste streams, such as frying fat.

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