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New developments at Koole Tankstorage Botlek

In 2020, Marvesa and Koole Terminals began building a new state-of-the-art 80,000 cbm production tank terminal at Koole Tankstorage Botlek exclusively for Marvesa. In the next phases we expect to build up to an additional 150,000 cbm in capacity, adding to our existing 1.6 million cbm.

Marvesa is the market leader in the production of edible oils and fats for the animal feed industry. A true entrepreneurial spirit on both sides brought these companies together a long time ago, and with this step, this partnership has been extended and tightened. This terminal’s state-of-the-art features for storage and processing, such as our innovative truck loading automation, marks a big step forward in the supply chain of edible oils and fats.

Terminal Manager Michiel Flier of Koole Tankstorage Botlek, shared: “This expansion of the terminal with Marvesa, which we are very proud of, marks a further diversification of our product portfolio, and integrated and innovative service offerings. The design of the cutting-edge terminal complies with all the latest safety and hygienic standards and codes, and will set a new standard in our industry. As you can see, the first tanks have been installed and the skyline of Botlek is changing fast. Tanks have been built off-site, and have been transported over the road and by pontoon on the North Sea to our location. Furthermore, we have started the buildup of an operational organization and an extensive training program for our current and future colleagues together with our Koole Academy. Within a year, we expect to receive the first product safely for our customers. At Koole, we aim for a safe, reliable and long-lasting partnership.”

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