Enhancement of storage and transshipment

New developments at Koole Tankstorage Botlek - Jetty 7

The Port of Rotterdam and Koole Terminals are jointly building new, larger jetties in the Botlek with the vision of making storage and transshipment logistics more efficient for offshore and inland shipping.

The state of affairs: In addition to renewing the quay wall and utilizing the renovated shore hoist installation at berth C (WHI C) with the hose tower, the Port of Rotterdam recently completed a new substructure construction for jetty 7.

Simultaneous construction
The 400 meters long jetty superstructure is the work of Koole Tankstorage Botlek (KTB). Based on a 3D model, continuous coordination took place between several parties including engineering firms and contractors. This enabled superstructure construction to simultaneously proceed with that of the substructure through the deployment of modules. This is a high quality, innovative approach that eliminates the usual wait for the substructure to be ready.

Six modules placed
At the end of October, KTB received from the Port of Rotterdam the official disposition for jetty 7’s substructure, and we started preparations to place the modules. A total of six modules were placed; all were delivered by special water transport. Finally, on Friday, November 19th, the hose tower was placed and already supplied with all the necessary equipment. For the upcoming period, Koole will devote itself to connecting the pipelines between the modules and further implementing the E&I scope.

Enhancement of storage and transshipment
With these developments, KTB and the Port of Rotterdam ensure optimal access to jetty 7 for barges (inland shipping) on the inside and for sea-going vessels (international shipping) on the outside. This will broaden the storage and transhipment of all kinds of products from K1 to K4, such as methanol and biofuels. This initiative comes from both parties and is a future-oriented development at an important supply hotspot for sea-going vessels. It contributes to a shared ambition and focuses on the horizon to ensure a resilient economy and accelerated sustainability. This, along with the operation’s scale and complexity, results in a project that is proudly undertaken by all parties involved.


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