Integrated and innovative service solutions

Our services can help your organization thrive, boost your operational efficiency and gain a competitive edge. We adapt to your needs and ongoing transformation, and provide services that enable your business growth.

Koole offers large storage facilities at strategic locations across the Netherlands, the UK and Poland. With a total capacity of over 4,100,000 cubic metres (CBM), our facilities handle a highly diversified base of large-volume products and offer excellent integrated and innovative service solutions.

Key facts of Koole

✅Largest biofuel processing and storage facility in Northwest Europe dedicated to enable the transition to renewable energy products
✅Advancement of our performance in safety and operations through drone maintenance technology
✅Innovative loading of fuels for our customers with state-of-the-art loading racks
✅Storing, processing and transporting products for world-class customers
✅Low carbon footprint through focused energy efficiency for a sustainable future
✅Development of ongoing innovative solutions for handling different kinds of products
✅600 passionately committed people who offer excellent integrated and innovative service solutions.

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