Sustainability report 2021

We are driving the energy transition forward

Today Koole Terminals presents its first sustainability report, a milestone of which we are proud. In the report we account for our sustainable activities and performance in 2021. We also present our objectives and explain how we intend to achieve them. Important themes you will find in the report are: energy transition and climate, a safe and healthy environment and good corporate governance.

John Kraakman, CEO of Koole Terminals: “At Koole Terminals, we believe in driving the energy transition forward, together with our customers and supply-chain partners. And we are working, with purpose, on making our terminals ready for sustainable products, in order to make the future as green as possible for our future generations.”

We want to play a clear role in facilitating the energy transition by enabling the storage of renewable low-carbon products and reducing our own footprint in a safe and responsible manner, in order to protect our environment. In this way, we are preparing the organization for the future.

Want to learn more about our sustainable performance? Read here all about it in our 2021 Sustainability Report:

Sustainability Report 2021

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