Launch of New Rail Services

New Developments at Koole Tankstorage Minerals

Koole Tankstorage Minerals is officially launching a new rail service today. Koole takes pleasure in implementing the latest and best available technologies, including remote locomotives, electric shunters, and state-of- the-art loading arms. Rail expansion is part of Koole’s multi-modality strategy which provides increased flexibility for our customers. Koole is a firm believer in rail connections as a crucial link in the further expansion of the port of Rotterdam as the gateway to Europe. Koole Terminals is proud to be of service in linking waterways to overland markets.

Terminal Manager Wouter Koops elaborates: “With this railway infrastructure and our multi-modality approach, we will be further optimizing the supply chain of our services. Koole’s rail loading has been custom-built in a cost-effective, reliable, and safe way so that products can be stored, processed, and transported to where they are needed. Koole has the trusted expertise, developed by our well-trained professionals, to offer reliable and innovative solutions.”


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