Koole Terminals gets new and innovative loading rack for trucks

The construction of the new and innovative loading rack for trucks at Koole Tankstorage Minerals in Pernis is as good as completed. The commissioning phase is now starting. Koole expects the loading rack to be operational by the end of the summer. There are ten loading bays, seven of which are now fully provided with tank truck loading equipment. The other three lanes can be equipped with skids in the event of future growth to meet customer demand. The far-reaching automation enables drivers to load fuels in a safe, fast and efficient manner to supply customers’ gas stations – and these are large and renowned international players.

State-of-the-art loading rack
“With the new loading rack, we ensure the innovative loading of fuels for our customers,” says Roel Kremer, project manager at Koole Terminals. When the drivers arrive using an access pass, the selection for the correct loading starts automatically. The license plate number is projected onto a screen above the loading bays. This way, they know exactly to which loading bay they must load the preselected fuel and additive mix. Furthermore, we have built an advanced, state-of-the art additive system. This results in extremely accurate automated dosing.”

Safety is at all times of paramount importance
“Koole has also been working on safety, and it is at all times of paramount importance to us. The loading rack has sensors and a brand-new automated fire extinguishing foam and sprinkler system. We comply with all relevant legislation and regulations, including PED, PGS 29, and PGS 31. Koole is also ready for future growth, as there is room for three fully equipped loading lines, including additives.”


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