Anne, Tamme & John on the importance of the energy transition

Koole Kids #1

The energy transition; how do you explain the importance? By explaining it to children. If they understand the sense of urgency, we all do! Once they get it, everyone gets it.

In the Koole Kids video series, a child interviews their parent who works at Koole, and a member of the Board of Management. In the very first episode, Anne (11) interviews her father, Tamme Mekkes, the director of Business Development, and John Kraakman, the CEO.

Anne asks intelligent questions about the energy transition and how we can make the world a cleaner place. It’s up to Tamme and John to explain. This way, we show how Koole is working on tomorrow’s future in which the energy transition is a focus point.

We are also launching a sustainability report for the first time on June 28th. 🍃 We think it’s important that our sustainability ambitions are understandable to everyone: our colleagues, stakeholders and the future generation.

Koole Kids

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