Koole in the spotlight #9

Richard den Besten

Richard den Besten – Waste Coordinator

“They call me the ‘Superman’ of the terminal”

As Waste Coordinator, good-humored Richard den Besten is responsible for the sustainable handling of all waste streams at Koole Terminal Pernis, managing the water treatment plant and heading the tank cleaning team. “I arrive here every morning with a smile and go home with a smile. When I stop smiling, I’ll stop coming,” says Richard. Hard work has been instilled in him from an early age. He hopes to inspire his team with both his work ethic and his positive attitude. His nickname ‘Superman’ does not come out of the blue. Richard: “I like to tackle everything and take care of things.”


In his role as a Waste Coordinator, he is a jack-of-all-trades. “The fact that it’s so broad and diverse makes it enjoyable and challenging for me. In my work, I deal with everyone, from security and permit desk staff to planners and shift leaders,” Richard lists. The bond with his colleagues completes the picture. “They are all top-notch colleagues at this terminal,” says Richard contentedly. When asked what he is proud of, he answers resolutely, “I’m proud of the positive audit result for housekeeping. We really achieved that great outcome together. And I’m also certainly proud of my Water Treatment diploma,” pointing to the document hanging in his office.

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