Koole in the Spotlight #7

Mina Alwash

Mina Alwash – Corporate Recruiter


“We are growing and thriving every day. It’s quite special to be a part of.”

What characterizes the culture of Koole Terminals? “I think we are all entrepreneurs,” says Mina Alwash, who has been a corporate recruiter at Koole since January 2022. “That applies to everyone here, regardless of their role. Everyone has an amazing drive to make our operations a success. Every day at Koole, we work hard to provide the ultimate service to our customers; you can feel it in the atmosphere across all departments. We are growing and thriving every day. It’s quite special to be a part of.”

Career opportunities at various levels

As an independent recruiter, Mina specializes in various positions in the field of technology and the Rotterdam harbor. Her goal is to bring in talent at various levels. The harbor area offers career opportunities for people from different backgrounds: “I’ve fallen in love with the harbor. If you come from the center of Rotterdam, like I do, you don’t really realize that everything happens here. Whether you have a vocational education, a college degree, or a university diploma, at Koole Terminals, we have plenty of exciting challenges.”

“I’ve fallen in love with the harbor.”

The right person in the right place

Mina has a passion for people and for finding the right person for the right job. She has turned this into her profession. Mina speaks to about five to six potential new Koole colleagues every week. “I put people at ease with the right questions and provide a realistic portrayal of our organization and the role. This way, you can tell if it’s a match. My approach is always to achieve a win-win for both Koole and the candidate.”

It’s not just about work experience or competencies: “It’s also about who the candidate is as a person. What do you do outside of work? I actually find that even more important.” What Mina enjoys doing outside of work herself? “My kids are still young, two and three years old; I love spending time with them. I also have a large family; we often visit them. And, of course, I try to make time for friends as well.”

Even in her free time, Mina is always among people: “I’m truly a people person. It’s always enjoyable to meet someone, regardless of their background or personality.”

The linchpin

Recruitment, however, is not just about recruiting candidates: “In addition to finding the right candidate for the right job, I always delve into the needs and especially the growth of the organization. This requires a 360-degree view of the organization and an understanding of a candidate’s competencies.”

Mina is well-suited to her role as the linchpin: “I am the link between various stakeholders, both internal and external. That’s what I enjoy the most. It’s about being able to adapt and operate at different levels.”

“We had big dreams when I started working at Koole, and we still have them.”

Big dreams

“I’m very proud of the large number of people who chose us as candidates last year,” Mina says about Koole’s growth. “When I joined Koole, we had big dreams, and we still do.”

And the growth continues. Mina addresses potential new colleagues: “If you’re a go-getter, an entrepreneur, if you can prioritize effectively, then Koole is the right place for you. If you’re interested in joining Koole, please feel free to send me a message, and perhaps we can have a coffee together soon.”

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