Koole in the Spotlight #5

Wendy Kool- Dubbeldam

Wendy Kool-Dubbeldam – Customs Consultant

“I didn’t jump into an unknown world.”

Wendy Kool-Dubbeldam started as a Customs Consultant on August 1. She ensures compliance with licenses as well as customs laws and rules. To get a jump start, Wendy has now started customs training.

From a neighborhood barbecue to a job at Koole

After working for eight years at a shipping company in Maassluis, Wendy got the itch to do something new. During a neighborhood barbecue, a neighbor who works at Koole Tankstorage Minerals talked to her about working at Koole and whether that might be something for her. It certainly was. After all, the world of Koole wasn’t entirely new to Wendy. Her husband and brother-in-law both worked in inland shipping at Koole Tankstorage Zaandam and her father-in-law – now retired – was a duty manager at Koole Tankstorage Pernis for 33 years. “No, I didn’t jump into an unknown world.”

Getting used to the day shift

With experience of shipping under her belt, Wendy is well acquainted with the industry. Although, as she points out, she still has a lot to learn. For instance: the internal systems, customs regulations at Koole and all the terminology and work involved. She is now also taking the evening Customs Declarant Basic course. “I enjoy working with various departments, such as Shipping, Customer Care Center, Operations and, of course, customers themselves. What I already notice is that there is more calm and focus here on both customer satisfaction and compliance, despite this being a dynamic environment. I do have to get used to the day shift though, because I used to work semi-continuously. But it will all be absolutely fine.”

Feyenoord home matches

“I like to learn new things; I’m not happy doing the same thing all over and over again. I need a challenge, like I’m getting now. It’s new and I’m part of what’s happening in the Port of Rotterdam. I’ve always been attracted to it. After all, I was born in Rotterdam.” That’s why Wendy loves going to Feyenoord home games with her husband and two sons. She also enjoys long walks with her dog on the beach in and near to Hellevoetsluis. Other favorite pastimes are shopping, day trips, vacations and nights out with her family, relatives or friends. “I want to pick up sports again soon, like tennis or boot camp, when my youngest starts school in January. But first I want to master my new job, that’s what I really feel like doing now!”

We’re quite sure she’ll do a great job. Welcome to Koole!

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