Koole in the Spotlight #3

Rick Veldhuisen

Rick Veldhuisen – Integrated Planner

“I’m energized by this. It makes our work easier.”

Everything you learn goes back into the organization. That pretty much sums up Rick Veldhuisen’s career at Koole.

After four and a half years in customer services (CS) in Zaandam, he has been working at Koole Tankstorage Pernis (KTP) as an Integrated Planner for eighteen months. He studied logistics so he feels much more at home now, but: “My time at CS taught me a lot about what Koole does. So now I can do my job even better.”

Connecting and overseeing

As a planner, he is responsible for organizing, arranging and monitoring technical work. He connects different departments and parties and oversees their work. “Working from operations, I deal with maintenance planning. I schedule the work in consultation with the technical department, which provides input on the availability of contractors and/or materials. I find the planning and coordination particularly interesting.”

Smarter information transfer

Rick is especially proud of a project for an information transfer system he is setting up. It’s an online tool called Shiftommunicator that Koole Tankstorage Minerals is already using. “Transferring information can be done in smarter ways. We want to set it up at KTP so that everyone can watch live, from different disciplines. This means that we spend less time trying to figure out the status of certain things. This is especially useful in the continuous shifts that we work in.”

Rick does this together with shift manager Nicky Klaverkamp, working together to ensure a smoother transfer between departments, better coordination and documentation, and acting accordingly. “I’m energized by this. It’s going to make our job easier and it really gives the company added value.” The tool was scheduled to go live in 2022.

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