Koole in the Spotlight #2

Jeffrey Hoogstad

Jeffrey Hoogstad – all-round operator


“I learned a lot working at the terminal. And I’m still learning. Every single day.”

Jeffrey Hoogstad has worked at Koole since 2014. For a long time he was on the continuous shift and, since, January this year, he has been working the Koole Tankstorage Minerals (KTM) day shift as a member of the tank conversions project team.

Now living in Stellendam, he was born and raised in Rotterdam. He loves his work, but he also really enjoys his free time. “I usually play sports, ride my motorbike or take weekend trips. I just enjoy life!”

Learning every day

Jeffrey attended the Shipping and Transport College in Brielle and began work at Odfjell as an apprentice operator in 2009. “As a child, I used to drive by here with my mom and dad or my grandparents. Even then I wanted to work in the ports, to be outdoors doing something with my hands. I love learning and figuring things out.”

Time has shown that this mindset helps one develop and grow. Jeffrey continued to build on his knowledge within the company. By carrying out tasks and assignments, for example, he learned to draw pipes. “I learned a lot working at the terminal. And I’m still learning. Every single day.”

“I feel seen and acknowledged”

Especially since he started in January on the KTM tank conversions project. “I’m working on every aspect of it, making sure that both employees and hired colleagues can work safely. My work is to deal with status updates, evaluation and prioritization.”

In his role as operational and personal contact for this Koole Terminals project, Jeffrey has the freedom to do his job to the best of his ability as he sees fit. “I feel seen and acknowledged, and I’m proud of my knowhow and everything I organize. The fact that I know exactly what to do.”

Koole is the right place

After 13 years, suddenly switching to the day shift took some getting used to. “When I was offered this position, I wanted to try it out at first. To see whether I liked it. Now I find I have a more regular routine.” Jeffrey is open to change, never stands still and wants to grow in the company. “And Koole really is the right place to do that.”

He believes in the energy transition, which he is now working so hard at. “This is a different era and it’s better for the future. It’s also better for our health. Cleaner and safer.”

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