Koole in the spotlight #12

Johannès Doucet

Johannès Doucet, Commercial Director at Alkion Terminal Le Havre (ATLH)

In his ten years at the terminal in Le Havre, Commercial Director Johannès Doucet is proud to have seen the French terminal grow: “We’re always finding creative ways to customize our proposals and meet our customers’ needs.” This approach has been paying dividends: “We have experienced strong growth through new customers, construction of new assets and development of new services.”

“We’re a service provider; service is key”

Johannès supplemented his Masters of Science with a year at business school, combining his technical expertise with knowledge of business and an entrepreneurial mindset. “What I enjoy most about my job is simply meeting with customers, developing relationships with them and understanding their projects. We’ve got customers that have been with us for years, with a high level of trust. With new customers as well, we always approach negotiations with a constructive mindset. We’re a service provider; service is key.”

One of our biggest projects in recent years is a great example: “When Terminal Sotrasol closed, we approached customers with a value proposition. We were very proud to welcome more than five key customers from Sotrasol to ATLH by building a new tankpit with 33,000 cbm of storage. Customers are very happy with the new infrastructure and ATLH’s operational excellence.”

Johannès is optimistic about the future of ATLH as part of the Koole Terminals Group: “Koole’s executive team came to visit our terminal, and made a real effort to make a connection with the team here. They want to create a real group, while also leaving room for autonomy. There’s trust and ambition there. We are very enthusiastic to continue our story together.”

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