Koole and UAB-Online have joined forces to optimize online application for sea-going vessels

Since the beginning of this year, the sixth edition of ISGOTT (the International Safety Guide for Tankers and Terminals) has mandated a more extensive exchange of information and checklists between terminals and sea-going vessels. Koole Terminals has a constant focus on customer-facing innovation and therefore quickly looked for a solution to improve the pre-arrival process, in line with the new legislation, through digitization. UAB-Online, with its smart, digital application for managing the pre-arrival process for international shipping, joined forces with Koole to optimize their application.

Marc Hordijk, innovation manager at Koole, describes this smart and reliable technology: “From the beginning of this joint initiative, the focus was on developing an integrated approach through the smart data exchange of cargo details. Before the arrival of a ship, any differences in data between the agent, the terminal, the ship and the surveyor are already eliminated. By having the correct data available to all parties when the ship docks, we have been able to significantly improve the entire supply chain. When you look at the sustainability aspect, it provides a reduction in CO2 emissions and paper consumption due to sea-going vessels spending less time in dock and paperless work. We are very proud that, through our innovative cooperation with UAB-Online, we can meet the needs and wishes of our customers even better. With the application, the processes remain guaranteed, yet there is more time saving and reduction in workload.”

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