Koole and Marvesa, it started with a wish


IN DECEMBER 2020, Dutch oils and fats company Marvesa and terminal operator Koole Terminals announced that they had signed an agreement under which Koole would build and operate a new 80,000 m³ tank terminal in Rotterdam in the Netherlands, for Marvesa.

For Marvesa, the partnership with Koole was a brand new step. Marvesa began 11 years ago, and produces edible oils and fats for the animal feeds industry. It develops nutritional blends for farm animals to improve health and performance, and has its own research and development department. The company started small, in Rotterdam, before the acquisition of another company, Noba, led to a move to Amsterdam. It now also has a shipping company and a number of trucks, giving it control over its logistical operations. Up to now, it has leased tank space with fairly standard agreements from third parties.

‘The collaboration with Koole started with a wish,’ says Jens Anker, business development, at Marvesa. ‘We do not own our tanks and we wanted to have a little more control of our terminal operations. We were looking as we were growing for a more partner-type relationship than the customer-type relationships that we currently have, so Bart de Bruycker [Marvesa CEO] and I started looking for an opportunity to develop.’

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