Milestone: bioconversion phase 1 of tank pits S100-S400 at KTM is complete

Investing in tomorrow's energy 

A changing energy market demands movement among service providers in the world of fuels. Koole Terminals is going a step further and strategically investing in its infrastructure to anticipate now what international players in the energy market will soon need.

At a central location in the Port of Rotterdam, Koole is doing everything it can to be ready for a more sustainable future. With the Koole Tankstorage Minerals (KTM) terminal at the forefront, the company is working hard to store and transport greener fuels. The experience to do this safely has been there for years, and that provides a foothold for the future.

Important step
Following investments in an innovative truck loading station in 2021 and the launch of a second rail car loading system in 2022, Koole can add another milestone to the list in 2023. At KTM, phase 1 of converting tank pits for the storage and transfer of biofuels has been completed.

“We decided already in 2021 to say goodbye to mineral products there, such as fuel oil, to make way for green products,” says Wouter Koops, Terminal Manager KTM. “With this, we are taking a stand in the energy transition and making another big, important step towards the future. This is the beginning of much more.”

Vision and strategy
On the one hand, the market demands a different course and adaptability in Koole’s role as a service provider. “Our customers are in the midst of the transition to more sustainable products, and we are making the strategic choice to facilitate them in this. On the other hand, it fits within our vision to do the right thing—to contribute to a better world and a healthy future for the company.”

Last year, tank pits S100-S400 at KTM were prepared for the storage and transfer of biofuels. These previously contained fuel oil. “That meant cleaning tanks with ultra-high pressure, flushing piping systems, overhauling pumps and mixer, and servicing tanks. Because biofuel reacts differently to certain gaskets and seals, these were also replaced.”

By the book”
As a result, the plant went into operation safely, without spills and product contamination, in mid-January. This means that everything has been properly cleaned, rinsed, assembled, and tested: “Completely by the book, an example for all other work in this field.”

Koops also praises the cooperation among various departments of the company: “We worked with a multidisciplinary team: operations, customer care centre, HSEQ, maintenance, engineering, business development, and sales were involved. All these people worked together to make it a success. The team spirit make me very happy.”

Rotterdam-based Koole Terminals is proving, through a clear vision and entrepreneurial strategy, that it is a future-proof organization by taking the initiatives that are needed—for itself, its customers, and the world around us.

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