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Koole Tankstorage is an excellent partner for the storage and handling of food products. In fact, Koole’s original product base comes from the edible oil business – for many years, ‘food stuff only’ was the most common designation for the products handled by Koole.


Storage of oils of all types in every harbour


Koole handles tropical oils such as palm oil, coconut oil and palm kernel oil. The main liquid oil products are rapeseed oil, soya bean oil and sunflower seed oil. These are transported and stored in mild steel or stainless steel tanks with sizes from 350 up to 20,000 cubic metres. Because tropical oils must be heated, tanks and ships used for these products are equipped with heating coils.


At different locations in Europe, Koole handles molasses, lysine and vegetable oil that are used as raw materials in the food industry.  Phosphoric acid is used as an additive in different food manufacturing processes.  Because these products are also part of our food supply chain (as animal feed for example), the quality standards are very high.


Koole has achieved various quality certifications such as GMP+ and FEMAS based on the excellence of its quality systems. The handling of phosphoric acid meets high HACCP standards to achieve the food safety standards. Koole’s Liverpool site is certified as an ISO 9000, ISO 22000 terminal.