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Donations open for Job and his 'Race around the Netherlands'

‘Until 8 years ago, I was not an athlete at all’. That’s how Job Biersteker (34) starts his story. Meanwhile, every spare second goes to sports; running, cycling, triathlons and marathons. The longer and tougher it is, the more challenge Job feels. This weekend he will be at the start of his biggest adventure to date: Race around the Netherlands. A tough multi-day bike race across the Netherlands totaling 1940 kilometers. Just him and his bike, some sleeping gear, food and water. With this race, he wants to raise money for de Nierstichting (kidney foundation). When asked why he is participating, he answers honestly, ‘I want to keep pushing my limits and see what I can do’. 

He leaves nothing to chance and by now Job has already completed six months of secure preparation. ‘I have modified my bike myself — added handy gadgets, a custom frame bag, fine-tuned my bike computer, and of course got my bike ready for the ride’. The route has been figured out and every possible stop has been planned. He spent considerable hours analyzing data, creating spreadsheets and doing probability calculations. Job: ‘I understand that this is not really necessary, but I just really enjoy doing it. And if I stop somewhere during the race or take more time, I want it to be because I want to stop and not because of external factors.’ His dream goal is to finish in four days. ‘But I don’t know how my body reacts to these distances and conditions — above all, I just have to enjoy this unique experience,’ he adds with a smile. 

On behalf of all your colleagues: best of luck, Job!

🚴Would you like to follow his adventure?
Click here to see where Job is. 

If you want to make a donation to the Kidney Foundation.
You can do so via this link → Nierstichting x Job Donation


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