Comprehensive renewal and strengthening of 600 meter quay wall

Construction of jetties by DEME Group commissioned by the Port of Rotterdam – Botlek Rotterdam
Photo: Van der Kloet foto- en videoproducties – DEME Group

Koole Terminal Botlek is replacing 600 meters of quay wall. The quay is located on the Botlek at the level of the 3rd Petroleumhaven in Rotterdam-Botlek. The construction of a total of 7 new jetties has recently started. The new quay construction consists of a combination wall with a concrete foundation for piperacks. The design of the sea going jetties is based on the functional specifications developed together with the Port of Rotterdam. Directly on the quay, Koole is installing new loading and unloading facilities and hose towers to trans-ship various products, such as renewable diesel, methanol and fatty acid methyl ester (FAME).

Safer and more efficient
Martijn Joon, Terminal Manager Koole Terminal Botlek: “Our location is an important logistics hub for our international customers from all over the world. Large bulk ships often moor at our terminal, to make use of our services. We are increasing the life span of this quay so that we can offer even safer and more efficient integrated solutions in the storage and trans-shipment of a specific product for the customer. The approach is characterized by its high complexity, due to the interaction and involvement between the numerous parties involved, and the use of the latest technology. It will offer enormous potential for the future of Koole and its customers, such as faster loading and unloading operations, and therefore an even more effective throughput for our customer. It will accelerate their transportation of goods. But it will also, in the end, offer Koole more space to significantly expand its tank capacity,” says Martijn.

The new quay and jetties are expected to be completed in the beginning of 2022.


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