A reliable company

About us.


Koole Terminals is a modern international company with 1000 employees working across Europe. Koole is driving its integrated and innovative service offerings for storage, processing, logistics, and energy transition forward. We enable our business growth and that of our customers by constantly asking ourselves how we can improve everything we do on a daily basis, how we can work together to make an impact and fullfill our vision:

“Together with our world-class customers, we are continuously seeking safer and more reliable and sustainable solutions.”

A reliable company, always innovating

At Koole, we believe we have an important role to play in supporting the energy transition for a sustainable future. And we fulfill that responsibility. Since its founding over 75 years ago, Koole has always been innovating its assets. Besides innovation, the commitment, customer centricity and talents of our people have enabled us to meet the changing demands in transportation, processing and storage of renewable energy products.

That is why our mission also needs to reflect our vision to take a European lead as the most reliable provider of safe and sustainable solutions in storage, processing, logistics, and energy transition.

Our mission

Excellent culture of safety, health, environment and quality

We maintain an excellent culture of safety, health, the environment, and quality for our employees, customers, and community in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Enabling business growth

We enable the business growth of our customers with integrated and innovative services for storage, processing, and logistics for large-volume products.

Fostering a customer-centric mindset

We reflect the diversity of our customers’ needs by fostering a customer-centric mindset and building partnerships across the supply chain.

Driving energy transition forward

We provide our customers with the support required to drive energy transition forward for a sustainable future.

Continuous improvement in quality

We deliver reliable services by continuously measuring and improving the quality of our operational, innovative, and safety performance.

“To be the most reliable provider in safe and sustainable solutions in storage, processing, logistics and energy transition.”

Our core values

We excel

Our commitment to our people, customers, community, and our business is reflected in our commitment to excellence at the highest standards of safety, health, the environment, and quality.

We are committed

We are passionately committed to working closely with each other, our customers, and business partners to drive success.

We empower each other

We empower each other by creating an enabling environment for personal leadership, professional growth, and teamwork.

We act with integrity

We are transparent, honest and dedicated to doing what’s best for our customers, community, company, and the environment.


We focus on safe, reliable, and sustainable solutions, we constantly drive ourselves to be our best, and we arrive to work every day inspired to make an impact through our talents, and passion.

Our strategy

To enable business growth through integrated and innovative storage, processing and logistics solutions and break the barriers in energy transition for a sustainable future, we are continuously strengthening our performance. We leverage technologies to create added value for our world-class customers and ourselves. We embed sustainability into the core of our business to contribute to a more sustainable future and the well-being of our people. That is why we empower our people to pave the way for personal leadership in our organization. We continuously expand our portfolio and refine our organization to reflect our customers’ needs and make an impact!

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