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Koole Terminals is driving its integrated and innovative service offerings for storage, processing, logistics, and energy transition forward, with a clear vision for the road ahead. Together with our people and world-class customers, we are continuously seeking safer and more reliable and sustainable solutions.



We see the upholding and continuous improvement of safety standards as a fundamental part of our daily work. Our goal is to engage in business practices that do not harm people, our communities and the environment.

Safety standards are our essentials. We want to ensure that our people can operate safely before they start work and always return home safe and healthy.

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Our services

At Koole, we are driven by a passionate commitment to delivering integrated and innovative service offerings for storage, processing and logistics.

Managing the end-to-end logistics chain for our customers. Our facilities allow us to manage a diversified base of large-volume products.

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We believe it is our responsibility to contribute to a better world. That is why we strive to participate in the energy transition in the safest and most sustainable way.

With our clear mission, vision, and strategy for sustainability, we have laid a strong foundation for implementing more sustainable business practices today and in the future.

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Governance, risk management and compliance

Our people are committed to developing high-quality solutions for our customers, community, and the environment, based on a common set of values and norms.

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Our people enable your success

We empower our people to develop their talents by fostering an environment that encourages personal leadership, professional growth, and teamwork.

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Koole Terminals is a leading, independent storage, processing, and logistics company that enables business growth through integrated and innovative service offerings for bulk liquid products. Driving the energy transition forward for a sustainable future by supporting its world-class customers.

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