Koole is an international storage company providing logistics solutions. Handling the entire logistics chain for its customers, the company has major storage facilities sited strategically at five locations in the Netherlands, two in the UK and one in Poland. With a total capacity of around 1,850,000 cubic metres, its facilities allow the handling of a highly diversified base of products, including edible and vegetable oils, base oils, oleochemicals, non-hazardous chemicals, biodiesel, liquid agricultural products, fuel oil, middle distillates and gasoline.


Koole provides a wide range of ancillary services, including blending, mixing, heating, temperature control and quality control. Its automation system for coordinating the flow of goods is custom-built to precisely meet the needs of the business. The result: Increased efficiency, fewer errors, time savings and reduced workload. Koole also has four tank cars ready to deliver on time to any destination.


Koole ships liquids in its fleet of 12 hi-tech barges and three coasters. Four modern tanker trucks handle transport by road. Some locations also provide railway terminals for loading and unloading oils and fats. Koole is a strong and reliable partner for transportation.



Four aspects make Koole stand out in the
transhipment of oils and fats.


Koole truly aims to meet its customers exact needs. The delivery of the product at the right time, in the right place, in the right quantities and at optimum cost.


A pioneering approach is key to maintaining the best possible management of the business. With its own company for shipbuilding and its proprietary storage and information technology, Koole is a true leader in innovation.


As part of a large international investment company, Koole has the financial backing for further expansion and is already exploring European growth opportunities for the near future.


Development for handling different kinds of product is on-going. And there is a continuous demand for storage. Both of these aspects make the global market attractive to Koole.