Koole transports and stores all kinds of oils, fats and derivatives. Handling these products requires knowledge, experience and strict hygiene. Koole has been a specialist in this field for over 50 years.


Koole takes full responsibility for preservation of the products' quality. Each product is handled according to the highest standards. Koole ensures compliance with all requirements regarding food safety.

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Koole's terminals offer a modern infrastructure for fast, trouble-free handling of cargo. Storage facilities are located in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Nijmegen. The total storage capacity covers approximately 700,000 cubic metres.


Due to product innovation, the markets for oleochemicals, biodiesel, base oils and waxes are developing rapidly. An increasing amount of manufacturers choose Koole for storage and supply.

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Koole takes care of the entire chain of logistics for her customers. Large storage facilities are located strategically at four locations in the Netherlands, two locations in the UK and one location in Poland. Each site has adequate facilities for quick loading and unloading of cargo.

The shipping of liquids is being done by Koole’s innovative barges and coasters. Transportation by road is done by four modern tank lorries. And some locations provides railroadterminals for loading or unloading oils of fats.

What has Koole to offer?

Koole distinguishes itself in the market of transshipment of oils and fats by four features:

Koole aims to suit the customer’s needs. When it comes down to logistics, Koole is best: the delivery of the product at the right time, in the right place, in the right quantities at optimum costs. Read more >>>

In order to maintain the best businessmanagement, it is sometimes necessary to go off the beaten track. Koole does well in pioneering. With its own company for shipbuilding, proprietary storage and information technology it becomes clear that innovation is definitely being practiced at Koole.

icon-kooleFinancial strength
Koole is part of a large international investment company. This offers sufficient solvency to make further expansion possible. Koole is already exploring European growth opportunities in the near future.

Product development is still a reality in the oleo-chemicals. And there is a continuous demand for storage. These are factors that make it tempting for Koole to approach the global international market.